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  1. Hello Darrel,

    This part is very common and should not cost much.
    It’s about 5 U.S. dollars.
    It’s a “suspension spring.”

    Clock Suspension spring

    They come in different sizes.

    Clock Suspension spring

    They are made flimsy so they can break easy.

    “Suspension springs” can be found here.
    EBAY Suspension Springs

    It is held by a “taper pin.”
    Clock Suspension spring
    EBAY Taper Pins

    Simply pull on the thicker end of the taper pin and pull it out.
    Be careful not to bend the suspension bracket.
    The suspension spring will slide right out.
    Just replace it and you are back in business.

    Timesavers and Merritt’s Antiques sells Suspension Springs and taper pins in the U.S.A. I’m sorry I do not know of any U.K. horological suppliers.

    Suspension Spring
    Hermle Suspension Spring
    Merritts.com Suspension springs

    Taper pin
    Merritts.com taper pins
    Timesavers.com taper pin

    Hope you get it running.


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