Clock testing stand
Clock testing stand

I can fix your clock and get your timepiece up and running for you. There are some clocks I work on and some clocks I do not work on. I have listed them below.

The condition  and the type of clock will depend on the extent of maintenance and how fast the clock can be repaired. Some clocks may just need a minor oiling to get them going and keeping time.

On the other hand, some clocks may be in such poor shape that they need to be completely disassembled , cleaned, and reassembled.

Basic Clock Maintenance

I can do the following procedures.

  • Oiling
  • Dissemble and clean
  • Minor case restoration
  • Mainspring replacement
  • Regulation and beat adjustment
  • Part replacement

Types of Clocks I can maintenance

The types of clocks I work on are listed below. This is a general list and may be subject to exceptions.

  • American, European, Chinese, Japanese and most other clock manufacturers
  • 400 Day Anniversary clock
  • Black, Tambour (“Napoleon Hat”), Figure, Statue, Banjo and other Mantle clocks
  • Regulator, Box, Swinger, Vienna weight driven and other Wall clocks
  • Grandfather, Grandmother, and other  tall case clocks
  • Zaandam, Friesian, “Stoelklok“, and other Dutch clocks

Clocks I do not Maintenance

While I may be able to maintenance the following clocks, I do not maintenance the following clocks for several reasons.

  • Fusee Clocks
  • Quartz Clocks
  • Tower Clocks
  • Atmos Clocks
  • Golden Hour