1930 haller mantle clock that has decided to strike 12 chimes every hour

Hi James

Hope you don’t mind me asking some advise, I have a 1930 haller mantle clock that has decided to strike 12 chimes every hour ….  You did a video on YouTube and I was wondering if you could offer some advise as to how I may  be able to repair this it would be greatly appreciated. I am a locksmith so are used to small mechanical works

Any advise would be greatly appreciated



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  1. Hello Darrel,

    It sounds like the rack is falling down and the snail is not catching it.

    Check the below image for a visual reference.

    Haller Rack and Snail mantel clock

    The rack is a notched T shaped piece of metal that has a lever attached to it.

    The snail gear is a graduated stepped flat metal piece that has a step for each hour.

    When the strike is actuated, the rack falls down and the lever lands on a step on the snail wheel.

    The tallest step is 1 and the farthest is 12.

    The lever may be bent outwards so it always falls the farthest or it may be damaged or missing.

    Hope this helps.

    Please feel free to ask me more questions.

    Thanks for visiting my site.


  2. Just Wow, James thanks so much for taking the time to respond, we could seriously do with this level of customer service in the UK, I bought this old clock to complement the sale of our living room and to give our home a heart beat.

    I only bought it 6 months ago and I could not even get a reply from the shop I bought it from. The shop was some 200 miles away so it w not just a case of popping into the shop.

    The diagram was great As I quickly understood what was going on and your idea was spot on.

    I have attached some images for you … with the before and after of the part that was the issue.

    Haller Mantel Clock Rack and Snail
    Haller Mantel Clock Rack and Snail

    I know where I will be buy a clock in the future.
    Thanks Again, your friendly help will not go un-noticed

    Warmest Regards

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