For sale clocks in my antique and vintage collection

I am a Horologist in the Virginia Beach area that is interested in finding valuable antique clocks for my collection. Also, I am interested in selling my unwanted clocks in my collection. Antique clocks are continually finding their way into my possession. Some I like for my personal collection; however, there are vintage and antique clocks in my collection that I am not interested in keeping. This is in your benefit because I will sell my clocks at a low price in order to save space.

If you are interested in any of my antique clocks, feel free to contact me and I can arrange to sell it to you and even set it up if you like. This of coarse is only for local folks in my own neighborhood.

I also will buy your unwanted clock if it is something I am interested in. If you need your clock fixed or set up, contact me and I can help you with it.